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- December 2014
Your USNA Alumni Assoc New Mexico Chapter Board of Directors

31 August  2012

With Navy’s big game on 1 Sept in Dublin versus the Fighting Irish, the 2012 Football Season is officially underway!

Since the Notre Dame game kickoff in Dublin relates to 7 am MDT in Albuquerque, we won’t be holding an official Chapter gathering on 1 Sept.  Our next Chapter football party will be on Saturday, 6 October for the Navy-Air Force game.  For this early start (9:30 am kickoff), we will be at a new venue for us, the Sports Bar at Kelly’s Brew Pub on Central.

Your Board Members have investigated Kelly’s ability to host our group, with Casey Jones submitting the following report: 

“Janice and I had brunch at Kelly’s Brew Pub on Central today.  Bottom line is:   I think it would be a quite satisfactory place for the morning Air Force / Navy football game gathering.  It’s on the south side of Central, two blocks west of Carlisle.”

“Kelly’s opens at 0800, and they said they would be happy to accommodate us on October 6.  They serve breakfast in the morning, and I have included a copy of their breakfast menu at the attachment.  They begin serving lunch at 1100, but beer is served beginning at eight.  Didn’t copy their lunch / dinner menu; it was way too big.  But it includes everything you would expect at a sports bar.”

“We counted seats in the bar area for 100+ people at long tables (perfect for football game camaraderie).  There are another 25 or so seats at the bar.  There were ten TVs (eight large screens) in the bar.  We would share the bar area with anyone else who wanted to watch TV, but Kelly’s assured me that they would get our game on the TVs.”

“Lack of privacy I guess is a negative, but I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of drinkers there (except us) early on a Saturday morning.  To say the décor in Kelly’s is a bit rustic is an understatement.  It used to be a car dealership and gas station, and it looks like it could be returned to its former glory with little or no effort.  What I’m saying is that if you wore new blue jeans into the place, you would be over-dressed.”

“On the positive side, the food was great, and the prices are just what a group of tightwad old alums like us would love!”

Your Board has voted to adopt this venue for the Navy-Air Force Game on the morning of Saturday, 6 October 2012.  We’d like to have folks show up around 9:15 am so we can establish our tables and be ready for the 9:30 am march-on.  Would you please reply now to Casey Jones [] and let him know how many from your family unit are planning to make the game – we won’t hold you to the commitment, just need to let the kitchen staff at Kelly’s know how many huevos rancheros to prepare – see the attached breakfast menu for Kelly’s and for the entire menu. 

Meanwhile, our intrepid President, Christine Hoaglund ’97 continues to hold her own in Afghanistan – a photo showing her trip to Mezar-e-Sharif, which is a German base up north, is displayed on the Chapter web site at

 We won’t be holding a business meeting at the 6 October morning gathering at Kelly’s Brew Pub, but if you have anything you want considered, please send it along.  Meanwhile, look forward to seeing you at Kelly’s.  And, although we haven’t done it for the last two years, on 6 October let’s ….

Beat Air Force!

-     Your USNA Alumni Assoc New Mexico Chapter Board of Directors

7 August  2012

Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan!

I am very sorry that it has taken me this long to send out a newsletter – no excuse, sir!  I arrived in country on the 4th of July, and seem to have been traveling ever since.  Included [below] is a recent picture of me, as I arrived in Kandahar.  Christine in Kandahar

Here are some tidbits all in regards to USNA:

-2016 Parents Weekend is August 9-12, and the Brigade Reform is August 16, 2012.  If you are interested in the Class of 2016 Statistics, you can view the press release online here:

-Our webmaster found this info:

There is less than a month until Navy kicks off its football season in Dublin.  Notre Dame will have two fewer players on its roster for the game, as we learn from this week's AP story:

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Notre Dame suspended quarterback Tommy Rees and linebacker Carlo Calabrese for the Sept. 1 season opener against Navy in Ireland on Tuesday, nearly two months after they were arrested following an off-campus party and charged with resisting arrest.

Coach Brian Kelly said his players "understand that it's a privilege" to be at Notre Dame and Rees and Calabrese, both upperclassmen, failed to live up to their responsibilities.

"Carlo and Tommy put themselves in a situation that when given a choice between two distinct paths, they responded with a set of poor decisions," he said. "This conduct was inconsistent with my expectations for our football program - especially our veteran, team leaders. Carlo and Tommy will not travel with the team to Ireland and can attempt to climb the depth chart following the conclusion of their respective suspensions."

Speaking of Ireland…

Going to Ireland?  Join us at the NAVY Blue & Gold Salute to Ireland (Tailgate before the game) (flier attached)!  Space is limited, register online at

And speaking of football…

The National Football Foundation and its Board of Directors are embarking on a program to highlight the men who have played college football and have gone on to great things following their playing careers.  Under the working title of “I Played”, they will develop a 3-year program to clearly demonstrate that the values learned through football translate to success in life.  They are looking for former football players who have been or currently leaders in all walks of life.  If this is you, or if you know of anybody, that qualify for this list please fill out the below information and e-mail it back to Scott Strasemeier at  The only football qualification is you must have been a member of the Varsity Football team at Navy at least one out of your four years.

  • Player Name:
  • Years Played Varsity Football:
  • Position Played:
  • Accomplishments After Football
  • Contact Info:

- There’s tons of great content in this week’s eTrident. Click here to see the best stories of the week:

- Hey!  Do you have the Naval Academy app on your phone or iPad?  I DO!  I love it!  Go to the app store or iTunes and download it for free (just search on Naval Academy)!  It was a joint effort with the Alumni Association, Academy, and Athletic Association so you can see LOTS of great info including Admissions info.

-Lastly, our Chapter is open to membership for "Associate Members" who only have to pay our nominal dues and show an interest in the Naval Academy and its mission.  (Rumor has it that we even have an Air Force Academy grad as one of our associate members).  Allow your friends to join by just sending me an email, and we’ll get them taken care of!

And, as always, our Chapter website continues as a conduit for information for our members.  It is available at:

Until my next newsletter, please stay safe and cool there in Albuquerque!  I can’t wait to see all of you again!


29 April 2012

Greetings all!

I have a lot of news to share, so here goes:

  1. Our March dinner meeting at Pappadeaux’s had a great turnout.  Many photos (including some model ship photos) and the PDF file of CAPT Shaw's interesting PowerPoint presentation on submarine life are posted at our web site: (Thanks, Mike!)
  2. Our next gatheringwill be for our 4th annual Chapter picnic.As a reminder, the Picnic will be held at the Elena Gallegos Park on June 3rd, from 1 pm to 5 pm. As we did in the past, it will be pot luck, with buckets of chicken provided.  I will send out another email on this topic, specifically asking for those who intend on attending, and what they would like to bring.
  3. The USNA AA Executive Board met mid-April for a board meeting, and we have had two resignations: Barry Howard & Maury Hartle.  Thank you, gentlemen, both for your time and service. As we move forward, we are accepting nominations from those who would like to serve on our Executive Board as Directors.  If you are interested, please let myself or any other Board member know.
  4. A listing of 2012 Navy/Fleet Weeks can be found at:
  5. An update from Casey Jones regarding the centennial ship models that we are sponsoring: he spoke with Harry Davidson, Curator of the Cavalcade of Wings Museum.  Since the model made for us was not up to standards, the centennial committee is going to send the model of the New Mexico that we have to the USS New Mexico veterans group for their 2012 reunion, and the modeler in Oregon will make us a new one at no cost.  We keep the plastic case that Casey had made, and the mirrored case that came with the model goes to the USS New Mexico vets.  The only problem is that we’ll probably not see the new model until the end of the summer. By the way, this model is intended for display in the New Mexico Veterans’ Museum on Louisiana near the corner with Gibson. Regarding the local man who is supposed to be making our model of the USS Bataan (LHD5): he is now out of the hospital and hopefully on the road to recovery. He is the person who made the beautiful model of the USS Santa Fe (CL60) that we had on display at our dinner at Pappadeaux’s. Assuming he is well enough to begin working on the Bataan soon, we should see that one sometime near the end of the summer, also.
  6. Much concern has been placed on our venue to watch Navy football games, mainly due to lack of good speaker systems.  Since we have not been able to come up with another sports bar that could hold all of us, we tried to make the one we have better - the Fox & Hound.  Herb was assured that we can use the upstairs room for our gatherings so he made the reservation for Air Force and Army-Navy games. Please check on our website for start times.  Of note, since the Notre Dame game kickoff is at 7 AM our time (on Labor Day weekend!), we will not gather to watch…but there is early talk of invading the IHOP that morning!
  7. If you have any Shipmate-worthy news, please pass on (with photos!) to Don Rohr at:
  8. Last but not least, Jamie Deuel (’54) presented an idea to the Board during our meeting.  The idea is based upon our Chapter’s mission of “Initiating and supporting activities which will perpetuate the history, traditions, and memories of the US Naval Academy…”His proposal is that the NM Chapter hosts an event to publicize our traditions, offer a time of alumni solidarity, and raise money for a worthy cause (TBD).  As Jamie himself is unable to take charge of this project, the Board is asking for those interested to identify themselves.  Please let me know if you have questions, are interested in heading up such a project, or volunteering.Based upon the interest received, the course of action will then be determined.

Until we meet again, please take care of yourselves.

Christine Hoaglund
  14 November 2011
Hello to all our Chapter Members,
    I am sending this Newsletter to all our Chapter Members explaining a Ship Model Project that the Chapter Executive Board fully supported during a Board Meeting in late October.  The Project is explained below in a detailed discussion from Casey Jones, and is in follow-up to a Newsletter I forwarded in early November.
    There has been however, some concern expressed from one Member in regards to cost and the overall acceptance of the Project by the Chapter.  As stated, the concerns revolve around the cost of the Project and the fact that the Chapter will pay matching funds to all that  is contributed by Members in cash donations to support the Project.
    Because there was full acceptance by the Executive Board, but one individual has raised concern, I will hold open final acceptance of the Project by the Chapter until Monday, the 21st of November based on the receipt of any other Member objections.  If there are no further objections, we as a Chapter, will move forward with the Project.
    The following is Casey Jones' detailed explanation of the Project:

The year 2012 is the Centennial of statehood for New Mexico.  The “Cavalcade of Wings,” the project that maintains the airplane model display in the Albuquerque Sunport Terminal and other locations in Albuquerque, is soliciting funds to construct a “New Mexico Naval Flotilla.”  This flotilla will consist of models of U.S. Navy ships named after New Mexico cities, towns, counties, geographic locations, and events that have a significant historic relevance to New Mexico.  The “Bataan Death March,” which many New Mexico national guardsmen and soldiers were involved in, is such an example.

The Executive Board at its last meeting voted to sponsor one of the ships.  The two ships under consideration were the U.S.S. New Mexico (BB60) of WWII fame and the U.S.S. Bataan (LHD5), currently serving in the active fleet.  The New Mexico, the larger of the two ships, and its display case would cost $525, and the Bataan with display case would cost $450.  The Bataan got “the nod” from the Executive Board.

The New Mexico Chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association will be identified on the model case as the “ship’s sponsor.”    This model will be displayed in the Albuquerque Museum, during the Centennial Year, and subsequently will find a home in another public venue in the city.  This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the Centennial celebration and to establish some permanent recognition for the local chapter of the Naval Academy Alumni Association.  We are asking for donations for this worthy cause from the membership, and the Association will match contributions with funds from the Chapter treasury.

Please mail contributions to Joe McGuire at 6438 Concordia NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111.   

Thanks shipmates,

   As one can see from Casey's detailed explanation, this is a worthy cause for our Chapter to support.  Thus far, we have had well over $100 in Chapter Member contributions and have had Individuals who have volunteered to meet any matching funds requirements. 
     Based on the level of contributions, we have also considered funding the USS New Mexico in addition to the USS Bataan.  Joe McGuire and I will  keep a running tally and keep the Membership informed in regards to their contributions.   
    Thank you for support.
Hank Schwartz

1 June 2011
    Hello to All You Picnic Lovers.  
    Time is getting close (Monday, 6 June) to let me know if you are coming and what you might be bringing to the picnic on Sunday the 12th of June. 
    As I have said before, this is our big Summer event.  Just as a reminder, the Picnic will be held at the  Ellena Gallegos Park. Starting time is 1:00 PM.  As we did in the past, it will be pot luck, with buckets of chicken provided.  
    As with most pot lucks, it's always the big question of "who brings what".  Although there are probably a half-dozen ways to figure that out, I think most people like to provide one of their favorites.  So for those who are coming, bring one of your favorites. To make sure we get a right assortment of food, I need to know what you might be bringing.  As i said, let me know your intents by Monday, the 6th of June, it would make things easier if I need to fill in any food gaps.  Oh yes, we'll be providing ice, paper plates, plastic utensils and plastic glasses.  Serving devices are up to the pot-luckers. 
    As we did last year, we are holding the price to $10 per couple in order to cover the chicken, soda pop,  water and other incidentals.  We will also have beer and wine.  As we did at the Museum get together on the 3rd of May, we will have a charge for each serving.  Because we won't have a server, we are dropping the price to $2 per serving and relying on the honor system for people to drop their cash into the jar that will be provided.  Sounds complicated, but because not everyone is a beer or wine drinker, we will pass that cost on to the takers
    We had a great turnout last June and we hope to repeat.  Oh yes, for those who have never been there, the picnic area is covered so we'll be able to avoid any rain should that happen.
    Hope to see as many as we had last year.
Hank Schwartz

  23 April 2011
    To all you party people, this is the last to call to let me know if you are coming to our next get together, which is on Tuesday the 3rd of May.  As I said in my past Newsletters, our gathering  will be held at The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History which is located at 601 Eubank, right across the street from Costco.  The event will include a guided tour of the Museum starting at 5:30 PM to be followed by a brief cocktail half-hour, with a catered buffet starting at 7:00.  The caterer, Powdrell's BBQ House, has been highly recommended by several of our Members.  The fee for this event is a real bargain at $15 per person, which includes the tour and the catered meal.. 
    The Chapter has invested a fair amount of money in securing the Museum for this Event, so I sure am hoping for a large turnout to take advantage of the Museum's history.   Once again, please let me know  by Tuesday the 26th of April if you intend to come.   Oh yes, because we want to hold the event to $15 per person, the brief cocktail hour which will include beer and wine will cost $3.00 per serving with a tip jar available for our server, Lauren.  One other thing that will really be helpful is for Members to come with some dollar bills to make the beverage payment business a little easier. 
    As I have said, our guest speaker is Chuck Loeber, who spent over 40 years in the Nuclear Weapons Complex (NWC), which includes 12 years with the Dept of Army as a design engineer on tactical nuclear weapons, 18 years with the Dept of Energy (DOE) as a Program Manager, 10 years with Sandia National Labs., and an assortment of other positions in the nuclear field.  He has a most impressive background and will be an excellent speaker for this event.
    Again, it is suggested that because we will be touring the Museum which might include going outside to view a number of displays, that attire for the event be casual; i.e., coat and tie not required. 
    Hope to see a large turnout.
Hank Schwartz

  16 January 2011
    Here's hoping everyone had a great Holiday Season.  After a lot of discussion with the Board of Directors, we have come up with the plans for our next Social Event.
    Discussions primarily revolved around when and where.  The when was fairly easy - early February.  The where took a little more discussion.  The discussion was for the most part, "Do we want to go to where we have been before or do we want to start out this year at a new location?"  The "new location" won out.
    Seeing as how you all have now heard more than you probably want to hear, I'll cut this discussion short and give you the details.
    We decided to have a dinner get together on Thursday, 10 February, 2011.  This time because some people suggested we start earlier, we will have a short, no-host "Happy Hour" starting at 6:00 PM, that's 1800 for you Navy Guys.  The ordering of dinners from four menu selections will begin at 6:30.
    Oh yes before I forget, the location is Nick and Jimmy's, 5201 Pan American Highway.  That's just off Interstate 25 at the Jefferson Street Junction.  As we have done in the past, we will collect the cost ($30 per serving) at the door to make paying the waiters easier.    As I indicated, the meal selection will vary from sea food, chicken, beef and a vegetarian selection.  Salads, drinks, dessert , etc will be included. A menu will be provided. 
    Our guest speaker is Captain Larry Olsen, who currently is head of the NROTC Unit at UNM.  Captain Olsen has had a very unique career and certainly will be an interesting speaker.
    I have promised Nick and Jimmy's a head count by Monday, the 7th.  We're hoping for a large turnout, so please let me know by close of business Sunday the 6th if you plan to attend.
    Once again a belated Happy Holiday and hope to see you all Thursday, the 10th of February.
Hank Schwartz

  29 July 2009
Hello to All,
    Once again I hope everyone is having a great Summer.
    After our picnic in June, I was wondering if we wanted to follow it up with an August get together.  To sound out the Chapter Membership for their thoughts, I sent out a Newsletter asking for inputs as to what Members might want.  Primarily, it was either a dinner or possibly a wine tasting.  In that Newsletter I also included what Christine Hoaglund, our Vice President, had found in regards to a wine tasting.Casa Rondena Winery location
    The responses I received back were overwhelmingly in favor of a wine tasting.   As a result, Christine has moved forward with arranging a wine tasting at the Casa Rondeña Winery .
    The tasting, which is exclusively for our Chapter, will be on Thursday, the 20th of August and will run from 7:00 until 9:00 PM and will include the following:
  •    A tour of the Winery
  •    A one to one and one-half hour class room like discussion by the owner, John Calvin, in wine education; i.e., what to look for when tasting, attributes in various wines, etc
  •    Tasting of eight of their wines
  •    Finger food served in abundance
    The normal cost for this type presentation is $50 per person.  However as a veteran-type organization, we are being charged $40 per person.  From the feed back I have received from several of our Chapter Members who have been there in the past, it is well worth the adventure.  An employee of the Winery will collect costs at the door as you arrive.
    Casa Rondeña Winery  is located at 733 Chavez Road, NW, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque 1, 87107.  Their Web Site has a map [shown at right], but the easiest way to get there is to go west off of I-25 on Osuna past 2nd Street and Highway 556 to Chavez Road. 
    I would like to thank Christine for all her efforts and sure hope we get a good turnout.  We told the Winery we would give them a head count by close of business on Monday, 17 August.  So if you are intending to participate, please let me know by Sunday the 16th.
Hank Schwartz

  9 June 2009
Hello to All,
    This is the last reminder for the BIG Summer Picnic on Flag Day, Sunday the 14th of June.  Once again, festivities begin at 1:00 PM at Elena Gallegos - Kiwanis picnic area.  Horse shoe teams look pretty well filled- in, and as far as volleyball teams go, we're pretty close to two nine-man teams.  But there is always room for more.  So if you haven't as yet signed up, please let me know if you're coming by Wednesday.  If you missed the last two Newsletter, here are the details surrounding the affair:
    When: Sunday, 14 June 2009, 1 PM to 6 PM 
                            (social hour starts at  1 PM, food available at 2 PM)

    Where: Elena Gallegos - Kiwanis Picnic Area:

    To access the park from I-40, exit on to Tramway north. After the Academy Road traffic light turn right onto Simms Park Road and travel east to the Information Center.  There will be no fee at the gate, just tell them you are with the USNA AA picnic.  Here is the website, with  a map:

    Food: As we said before, this year we decided to make it a potluck picnic, catered by YOU!  We will provide the beer, wine, soft drinks, water, buckets of chicken, ice, plates, napkins, flatware and cups.  If you will please bring your favorite covered dish, according to the following list it will be greatly appreciated.  One thing that would be a real help, if those making dishes could bring along serving spoons, that would be great.

                                                                  Last names A-R: side dishes

                                                                  Last names S-Z: desserts 

    Cost: $15 per couple, $10 for individual adults and $5 for children under 12.  The rounded figures are so we don't have to make change and also to cover the park fee, beverages and the chicken.

    Bring:  Your family, guests, lawn chairs, a roaring competitiveness for horseshoes and volleyball, and above all else, a healthy appetite. 

    Oh yes, you can pay at the Picnic.  Herb Richter will be subbing for our Treasurer, Joe McGuire, who will be celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary.    For More Info?  See the Chapter web site  . 

    Once again, we're looking for a big turnout, so please mark your calendars for our Big Summer Event.  See you all at the picnic.

Hank Schwartz



  26 March 2009
Hello to All,
    This Newsletter is somewhat unique in that I am asking for responses from you all in regards to a number of issues discussed below.  Your indulgence in responding to these questions would be greatly appreciated.  So here goes......
    The Chapter Executive Board, made up of Michael Blackledge, Maurice Hartle, Barry Howard, Casey Jones, Joe McGuire, Herb Richter and myself met on Wednesday, 18 March.  All Board Members were in attendance with the exception of Mike Blackledge, who had a previous engagement.  Topics that were discussed included budget, social calendar, football game location, Member survey, and Vice President Position.  A summary of each of the discussion items is provided below.
Budget.  Joe McGuire, the Chapter's Treasurer, made a brief presentation in regards to the budget.  His presentation included income and expenditures over the last eighteen months.  Bottom line and probably of most importance is the Chapter's current balance as of 18 March is $3,878.27. 
    By way of interest, the Chapter's budget is supported primarily from dues collected each year.  As for expenditures, we provide flowers for members who have passed away, we support cost over-runs for social events including dinner costs for our speakers, the purchase of door prizes, support of the Annual Service Academy Reception, and last year we helped in supporting the USNA Women's Rugby dinner.  On other occasions, we have been called upon to support USNA functions such as the the Glee Club visit with up-front money.  In the latter case, the up-front support was fully reimbursed by the Naval Academy. 
Social Calendar.  This discussion started with whether we wanted to forward a survey to the Membership to solicit comments in regards to our current social planning.  As our discussions proceeded, the survey became of less significance.  So to clarify what finally transpired in our discussions, I will walk through each of the areas that were talked about.
    First off, we discussed dinner/luncheon gatherings.  Questions included, do we want to continue with dinners vice luncheons?  The Board leaned towards dinners.  Generally, we get larger turnouts for dinners and it also allows the non-retired people who have jobs during the lunch time meetings to attend in the evenings.     
    Next in the above dinner discussion was, are we satisfied with using Pappadeaux for our gatherings, or are there other restaurants we might want to try?  The advantages with Pappadeaux is location, menu, cost (they only charge for the meals served) and the very good service we have received.  However, if there are Members who think there are other locations, please let me know and we certainly will investigate them for future dinners.
    The second social issue was do we want a picnic this summer?  As we got further into this discussion, several side issues came up such as location of a picnic, menu and when.  Also in this discussion, was would we rather substitute for the picnic by attending an Isotopes' ball game. 
     In regards to an Isotopes' ball game, we have done this on two previous occasions. The first time was very well supported, while the second game was sort of so-so and cost us some Chapter budget money to cover cost over-runs.  Herb Richter is now investigating details such as current costs and dates.  For those who have not joined us at a previously scheduled game, we sit in the picnic area above third base.  Picnic type food (hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and pork) and beverages are provided at a fairly reasonable cost of around thirty-two or so dollars.  This cost also includes tickets to the game..  One area of concern that always crops up is sufficient Chapter support.  In the past, we have run up against not having enough people attending which results in cost over-runs of up to $300 to cover not meeting the minimum attendance requirements..  So in assessing picnic versus ball game, support always becomes an issue. 
    In regards to the picnic details, various food establishments offer picnic arrangements and therefore could be considered as an alternative to a catered or pot-luck picnic at some outdoor location.  The Veterans' Memorial was suggested as a possible catered outdoor picnic location.  
    In summary, if you have ideas in regards to ball game versus picnic, catered/pot-luck picnic versus other and location for a picnic, please let me know your thoughts.
    One final thing is regards to social calendar, are the dinners that we are scheduling sufficient in number?  We have pretty much held them on a quarterly basis, except during the football season.  Once again, your thoughts.
Football Game Location.   This was an easy one.  Everyone was in total agreement that Fox and Hound is the place to hold our games.  In fact, F&H already has us penciled in for this coming season.  Herb Richter has been instrumental in setting up with the Fox and Hound, and he says we receive first class attention.   See you at the games.
Vice President Position.  As I indicated in my last week's Newsletter, Barry Howard elected to step aside from being Chapter Vice President.  As I also indicated, we were moving forward in trying to get another Chapter Member to step in for Barry.  One individual that was highly recommended was Christine Hoaglund, Class of 1997.  I asked in that Newsletter for other candidates and/or a second in the case of Christine by the close of business on the 25th of March.  As I suspected, we got a number of "Seconds" and overwhelming support for Christine as Vice President.  So in accordance with the By-Laws, I am declaring at this time that we had a proper vote and Christine Hoaglund has been unanimously supported for the Position of Vice President of our New Mexico Chapter.  At this time I would also like to thank Christine for stepping forward and accepting this responsibility.  Thank you, Christine. 
    Finally, if you have gotten this far in reading this Newsletter, I sure am absolutely happy and maybe somewhat astounded.  Please, if you would, provide me comments in regards to several of the issues discussed above.  All of us in the Executive Board are trying to make your membership in our Alumni Chapter an enjoyable experience.  The most important way for you to assist the Board is to send a response to this newsletter.  And if you have not been attending Chapter events, let us know why not.   If we're doing something wrong, please let us know.
Have a great day,
Hank Schwartz

4 February 2009
Hello to All,
         This is the second announcement for our first 2009 Chapter gathering on the evening of Wednesday, 18 February. 
    As I have indicated in a previous Newsletter, our guest speaker will be Brigadier General Gregory Zanetti, who has just recently completed his tour as Deputy Commander of the GITMO Detention Center in Cuba.  With all that has transpired at the Cuba Facility over the last three-to-six months, his presentation should be particularly interesting.
    As we have in the past evening gatherings, we once again will hold it at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, 5011 Pan American Freeway, NE.  Cocktail hour will start at 6:30 PM and dinner will be served starting at 7:30 PM.  The food selection will be from the St Charles menu which consists of three sea food choices and one chicken selection.  Also included are salad and dessert.  Dinner cost will be $25 per person.
    I have promised Pappadeaux a head count by Monday morning, the 16th of February.  So if you're coming, and I sure hope we get a good turnout, please let me know by Sunday, the 15th.
    So mark your calendars for February 18th, for a most enjoyable evening and an exceptionally interesting presentation.
Hank Schwartz

17 September 2008
Hello to All,
    This Newsletter is sent to announce the gathering for
    The gathering on the 4th of October will be at the Fox and Hound Pub and Grill, 4301 The Lane 25, NE.  Game time is 2:00 PM.  Although Fox and Hound doesn't require a head count, both Herb Richter and I think it would be courteous of us to provide one for their planning purposes.  So if you are coming, and I sure hope you are, please let me know by Thursday, the 2nd, so we can give F & H a heads up.  Although our cheers might not be heard all the way up to Colorado Springs, every little bit of support helps to make this a successful Navy Football season.  So come and join us!
    In addition to the Air Force game, I would once again like to remind everyone of the dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, 5011 Pan American Freeway, NE on Wednesday, October 22nd.  Our guest speaker is LTGEN Klimp, who recently has been selected as the Vice Chairman of the Naval Academy Foundation Board of Trustees.  He will be flying in from the East Coast to provide a most interesting presentation.  Pappadeaux and a dinner gathering were selected based on our previous dinner several months ago there when Captain Ann Reed made a great presentation.  Both food and service were great.  Because the General is coming all the way from Annapolis and will provide an exceptionally informative "What's going on at the Naval Academy" presentation,  I certainly hope we get a great turnout.  I will be following up with more details such as menu selection, schedule times and the General's presentation highlights as we get closer to the October date.  So for  right now, I just hope you all mark your calendars for Wednesday, the 22nd of October starting at 6:30 PM.
Hank Schwartz
27 August 2008
Hello to All,
    Here's hoping you all had a great Summer, and with the dog days of Summer quickly winding down, I thought it was about time to put out a Newsletter to let everyone know what our plans are for the remainder of 2008.
    Before I get into those plans, I would like to draw attention to the URL (web) address I have at the top of the page.  The address is our Chapter web site which is maintained by Mike Blackledge.  Mike has done an absolutely wonderful job with our site and for all of you who have never visited it, please do so.  Mike keeps everyone abreast of what is going on, and provides a variety of pertinent information.  So if you want to stay informed on a more consistent basis than these Newsletters provide, open
    Now for the details.  Football game gatherings this year will be at the Fox and Hound Pub and Grill, 4301 The Lane 25, NE.  This year we have set aside this location for the Air Force game on the 4th of October, the Notre Dame game on the 15th of November, and the Army game on the 6th of December.  We are also looking forward to a Bowl game later in December.  As you might note, with the great results of last year's game, we have added Notre Dame to our schedule.  We will have a private room upstairs and all Alumni members and their guests are invited.  As an aside, we will be collecting 2009 dues ($20.00) and will have our annual business meeting during the Army game.  As I have said in the past, we get our largest turnout at the Army game and therefore it lends itself well to having a business meeting to get maximum exposure.
    In addition to the football games, we will be having a dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, 5011 Pan American Freeway, NE on Wednesday, October 22nd.  Our guest speaker is LTGEN Klimp, who recently has been selected as the Vice Chairman of the Naval Academy Foundation Board of Trustees.  He will be flying in from the East Coast to provide a most interesting presentation.  Pappadeaux and a dinner gathering were selected based on our previous dinner several months ago there when Captain Ann Reed made a great presentation.  Both food and service were great.  In addition, because not everyone can get away mid-day for a luncheon, it was felt that an evening gathering would be more accommodating.  Because the General is coming all the way from Annapolis and will provide an exceptionally informative "What's going on at the Naval Academy" presentation,  I certainly hope we get a great turnout.  I will be following up with more details such as menu selection, schedule times and the General's presentation highlights as we get closer to the October date.  It is noted that the General's resume [is now available] on our web site. (click here for PDF file)   So for  right now, I just hope you all mark your calendars for Wednesday, the 22nd of October starting at 6:30 PM.
    In closing the Executive Board, which met last Thursday, also discussed events for early next year.  But so as not to bore anyone with dates so far off, I will not go into to those details but will keep you all informed in follow-on Newsletters as the year progresses.
    Once again, I think we have a pretty good schedule of forthcoming events, so please come and enjoy all the outings with fellow classmates and other Alumni members.
Hank Schwartz

7 May 2008
Once Again, Hello to All,
    As opposed to Monday's email, this Newsletter is a little closer to home and a little bit lighter in nature.  We are planning another early Summer, Memorial Day Weekend Picnic.  Once again, Mike Blackledge has graciously opened up his yard to the celebration. 

When: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 3 PM to 7 PM
(social hour starts at 3 PM, food available at 4 PM)

Why: To celebrate with Alumni Members, Families, and Friends

How: With great food, great social mixer, great weather (guaranteed)   

Who: Members bring your classmates, families and guests - all welcome!

Where: Outdoor Area at 14321 Stalgren Ct NE (Mike Blackledge ’6 3)  (from Tramway and Copper, go East 5 streets (on the right) to Parkside, right on Parkside, immediate left onto Stalgren Court. Back yard is at end of cul-de-sac. Drop-off and park.)

BarBQue: Catering byThe Quarters. Menu to include:
    Barbecue Beef; Chicken (half breasts); Links; Thick BBQ sauce
    Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Grecian Salad, baked beans, green chile, rolls 
    Lemonade, Iced Tea, Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks
(courtesy  Bonnie Nolan and Salley Schwartz)

Cost: $15 each for Adults, $5 for kids under 12
    We need an RSVP if you are coming to get a head count for the caterers!  Please contact me as early as possible, but no later than Sunday, 11 May with your estimated numbers at or call at 286-8934.

You can pay Treasurer Joe McGuire at the Picnic.

Bring: Your family, your guests,  lawn chairs and a healthy appetite

More Info?  See the Chapter web site  .

8 April 2008
Hello to All,
    For those who couldn't make our dinner on the 1st of April, you missed a great evening get together.  The food was excellent and our speaker, Captain Nori Ann Reed, did an outstanding job in her presentation in regards to women in the Navy. 
    Our next event is a tour of the Eclipse Aviation Facility on Saturday, 19 April starting at 10:30 am.  The Eclipse Headquarters can be reached by proceeding south on University Blvd past the Sunport Airport Road, left on Spirit Drive, left on Clark Carr Blvd to the loop.  Eclipse is on the right hand side just after Seven Bar Aviation.
    The typical tour routine is to gather at the Headquarters parking lot, consolidate into as few vehicles as possible and then drive to the Assembly Building on the west side of I-40.  I'll have maps showing how to get there.  Then we come back up to the airport to the Assembly Building (the old round roof hangar) on the south side of the main runway.  Finally, we will end up at Eclipse Headquarters, where folks can see and get in mockups of the airplane and see the line of completed airplanes awaiting delivery.  That's where we'll have lunch.
    Our past President, Casey Jones has been instrumental in setting the tour up for us,  In addition, another past President, Mike Petrofes, will also serve as a guide.  The tour is aimed to be a family gathering, so please bring any of the children who are interested in airplanes.
    To keep it family oriented, we have decided to have everyone bring a brown-bag lunch with refreshments for a sit down picnic after the tour.  Coolers can be left in your cars at the Headquarters parking lot during the tour.  The picnic grounds are in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot.
    If you intend to come, please let Mike Blackledge know at his email site by Thursday, the 17th of April.  Please include your name, number of those coming and any children under 18 who will be in attendance.
    I think that this will  be an educational experience as well as a pleasant family gathering at the Picnic Area after the tour. 
    Finally, the Naval Academy Rugby Teams are coming to Albuquerque.  Both the USNA Men's and Women's Rugby Teams will be in Albuquerque, 18-20 April to play in the USA Rugby Collegiate Playoffs being hosted by the Albuquerque Convention & Visitor's Bureau & Rio Grande Rugby Football Union.  The National Guard is the primary sponsor of the collegiate rugby championships.  Matches will be played at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park.

    The Men's team is ranked 3rd overall in the Nation (depending on the poll).  The Women's team is the 2nd place team from the extremely competitive Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union.
    For those Alumni Rugby fans, please come out and support both teams.  Tickets are $10 for adults for one day ($25 for the entire tournament) and $5 for youth and military ($10 for the entire weekend).  More information is available at
    Well folks, that's about it for now.  Hope to see you at both of the above listed events.
Hank Schwartz

19 March 2008
Hello to All,
    This Newsletter is forwarded to remind all of our Members of our first Spring bash at the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen on Tuesday, 1 April starting at 7:00 PM.  Pappadeaux is located on the West Frontage Road to I-25 just south of Jefferson Blvd.
    Thus far, we have sixteen people signed up, and I am expecting a whole lot more.  So if you intend to come and haven't as yet responded, please let me know so I can give the restaurant a heads up as to the final head count.
    Besides a great location and wonderful food, we have an extraordinary speaker in the form of Captain Nori Ann Reed.  Her presentation alone should be reason enough to attend our evening gathering.  So please let me know if you are coming and I sure hope we get a great crowd.
    In addition to the evening event on the 1st, Casey Jones, our past Chapter President, has set us up with a tour of the Eclipse Aviation facility on Saturday, the 19th of April, starting at 1030 in the morning.  The tour, which will be about one and one-half hours in length, will be followed up with a box lunch and a Q & A secession in their outdoor picnic area.  This is a family event, so please bring the children for a great tour and an education concerning one of New Mexico's newest production capabilities.  More information in regards to location, parking, box lunches and so forth will follow in the next couple of weeks.   So mark your calendars for a great family outing.
    One final piece of information, I continue to receive a number of Alumni associated emails in regards to on-going discussions concerning Trustee and Management actions at the National Headquarters.  For those who are interested in reading these inputs, Mike Blackledge has graciously referenced these emails on our Web Site at .
    So once again, it's Tuesday evening, 1 April starting at 7:00 PM at Pappadeaux.  Here's looking forward to a great evening.
Hank Schwartz
7 March 2008
Hello to All,
   Here's hoping everyone survived the Winter weather and is looking forward to Spring.  This Newsletter is forwarded to announce our first Spring bash.
    We, the Executive Board, decided in our Winter meeting that we ought to try an evening gathering as opposed to our normal noon-day luncheons.  Our intent was to see if we could attract more of the younger members who sometimes have a hard time getting away from their job commitments to attend a day-time luncheon.  So we are moving forward with an evening gathering on Tuesday, 1 April starting at 7:00 PM.  Yes I recognize that that is April's Fools Day, but looking at it from my end, it sure should be one of our very best outings.
    After shopping around for the right place, we decided on Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  They have a great private room, easy location with plenty of parking, a great menu, and from every time I have eaten there, great service.  The main menu includes salad, and a choice of either Crawfish étouffée, Fried Shrimp, Blackened Crawfish or Chicken Breasts. [noteThe main difference between a stew/gumbo and an étouffée is that an étouffée is made with a "blonde roux" of butter and flour. Butter burns more easily than oil but can be used in a blonde roux since the roux is cooked to a beige or light brown color, instead of a typical Creole or Cajun roux, which is dark brown and made with oil and flour.]  Also included is French Bread, Dessert and Iced Tea, Soda or Coffee.  A no-host bar will be available.  All will be served at the individual tables.
    Because evening menus are a little more costly than day-time buffets, we have decided on the following.  Dues paying members and their guests will be $25 per person.  For non-dues payers, it will be $30 per person.  Now, for you all that didn't sleep through the economics class at the Naval Academy, paying your dues for 2008, if you already haven't, is a really good deal.  And oh yes, Joe McGuire will be available to collect dues payments.
    Besides a great location and wonderful food, we have an extraordinary speaker.  After reading her Article in the US Naval Institute Proceedings several issues ago, I though she would be an ideal speaker.  Thus, we have gotten Captain Nori Ann Reed to provide her thoughts and experiences as a senior female Naval Officer as she moved up through the ranks and ship assignments.  Her presentation alone should be reason enough to attend our evening gathering.   [Here is a 1996 article on Capt Reed when she was a CDR and became the ninth woman to captain a USN ship, in her case the ammunition ship USS Kiska.]
    So once again, it's Tuesday evening, 1 April starting at 7:00 PM at Pappadeaux; which is located on the West Frontage Road for I-25, just south of Jefferson Blvd.  As in the past, I will need a head count, so please let me know if you intend to come by Thursday, 27 March.  And for all you younger graduates, we're hoping this can accommodate your attendance, so hopefully we will see you there.
    Here's looking forward to a great evening.
Hank Schwartz
Ticketed Performances for the USNA Men's Glee Club in Albuquerque:

[as of 4 March 2008, from Mark Schaefer]  Thank you for forwarding this request to the Alumni.  We had a good response, and all of the help needed is now provided!  Once again, a super showing of support for our Alma Mater.
I'd like to let the Alumni know that the Saturday 3/8 performance at Faith Lutheran Church is SOLD OUT.  There are no more tickets available that night since we are right at the fire code limit of 650 guests + 75 Mids.
Tickets are still available for the Sunday 3/9 performance at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  Advertising for that event starts in multiple publications this week.  You might have heard some radio advertisements already this week as well.  To get your tickets for the Sunday performance, the best option is to go directly to the NHCC box office since there are no additional fees at the box office.  For convenience, you may purchase tickets at any Smith's food store, by calling ticketmaster at 883-7800, or by going on-line to and searching on the words "naval" and "academy".  The direct link to our performance is

U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club at National Hispanic Cultural Center March 9th 7:30 pm

Thank you all for your great support!  Mark

Faith Lutheran Church (public concert with Eldorado High School Chorus)  SOLD OUT!
Saturday, March 8th, 7:30 p.m. 
10000 Spain Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
To guarantee admission at this concert, we recommend reserving your tickets early.  Tickets may be reserved through the USNA Alumni Assn New Mexico Chapter by emailing (preferred method) or by calling (505) 828-1545 (if no email available).  Checks can be made to the USNA Alumni Assn New Mexico Chapter and should be mailed to:
CDR Mark Schaefer
USNA Alumni NM Chapter
12231 Academy Rd NE  #301-184
AlbuquerqueNM 87111
For checks received prior to March 1st, tickets will be mailed to the location you specify.  For checks received after March 1st, tickets will be held for you at Faith Lutheran church (will call table).  Some tickets may be available at the door, but we are expecting large attendance at this event, so we recommend getting your tickets early.  Ticket prices:  $10 adults / $5 students

National Hispanic Cultural Center
Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts
Albuquerque Journal Theatre
Sunday, March 9th, 7:30 p.m.
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
1701 4th Street SW, Albuquerque, NM
Tickets are available beginning 2/13/08 by contacting Ticketmaster at 505-883-7800, in all Smith’s Food Stores, or on line at beginning 2/13/08.
Tickets also available beginning 2/13/08 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center box office.  Purchasing directly from the box office (in person) will avoid the Ticketmaster fees which include $3.75 per ticket. 
Hours are Tues-Fri 10a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.  NHCC box office telephone us (505) 724-4771.  The box office will answer telephone calls, but will forward callers to the Ticketmaster number shown above unless the caller is a member of the NHCC.
Ticket prices will be $15 orchestra / $12 mezzanine / $10 balcony with a $2 discount for seniors/students.  Ticketmaster will add a handling fee.

Click below for the Ticketmaster web site: 

Tickets for U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club at National Hispanic Cultural Center March 9th 7:30 pm

7 February 2008
Hello to One and All,
    The UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY GLEE CLUB is coming to town.  They arrive on Friday, the 7th of March, and will be giving concerts starting on Saturday and ending up on Monday the 10th.  For those who may be interested in attending a concert, the following is their tentative schedule.  I'll keep all informed should it change.
Saturday, 8 MarchFaith Lutheran Church, located on Spain east of Eubank starting at 7:30 PM.  They will be joined by El Dorado High School.
Sunday, 9 MarchNational Hispanic Cultural Center, 4th St south of Cesar Chavez, SW.  Ticket prices and URL for Ticketmaster is provided above for this performance.
    The Glee Club will also try to squeeze in two (not open to public) performances on Monday, the 10th at Highland and West Mesa high schools.
    The Glee Club is made up of about eighty members and have selected Albuquerque as one of their stops in a Nation wide tour.  So for those who are interested, it sounds like a pleasant outing.
Hank Schwartz
26 January 2008
Hello to One and All,
    On Wednesday Evening, the 23rd of January, the Executive Board comprised of myself,  Barry Howard (Vice President), Joe McGuire (Treasurer), Herb Richter (Secretary). Casey Jones (Past-President), Mark Byrd (Director), Mike Blackledge (Director) and Bill McMenamin (Director) met to discuss Chapter planning for 2008 and current issues of importance to our Chapter.  This Newsletter is  a little bit long but is forwarded to apprise all New Mexico Alumni of the results of that meeting.
    The Social Schedule discussion usually takes most of the meeting, and it did on Wednesday.  In deciding what should be on the schedule for 2008, we include feed back from you all, what was successful in previous years, and what news things we should try.  So here goes.
    Luncheons:  Luncheons have been fairly popular and we have usually had three or four each year.  But because not everyone can get away from the job during the day, we have decided on have our first "luncheon" in the evening.  Hopefully, this will attract both the normal luncheon gatherers as well as the younger Chapter members.  Currently we are planning such an event during the last week in February or the first week in March.  The date, time, location and guest speaker will be promulgated as we get closer to the meeting date.  Based on how this works out, will help to determine our luncheon planning.
    Picnic:  The picnic last Father's Day was well received.  Once again Mike Blackledge has volunteered his home for the occasion and we are planning on having it the Saturday before Memorial Day.  It was great fun last ye are, so please put it on your social calendars.
    Wine Tasting:  This is something new, but was suggest by a number of people.  Our thoughts are to find a good winery or two that would set us up for both a wine tasting as well as food serving.  Details are being worked out and we'll keep you informed.
     Eclipse Aviation Tour:  We are looking into taking a tour or the construction facility with our own personal guide, Casey Jones.  After the tour we are also considering an informal luncheon.  The tour would hopefully be a family affair and interesting to the children.  As in other planning, we are working on the details.
    - Football Games:  Location is still a  little bit up in the air, but Spectators seemed to be well received last season.  As for what games, well due to popular demand, we are throwing in the Notre Dame game along with Air Force, Army and hopefully, the Poinsettia Bowl game.
    Thus far, we have collected dues from 38 members.  At this time last year we had 46 and eventually ended up the year with 54.  So for those who haven't paid their dues and want to be included, $20 checks can be mailed to:
    Joe McGuire
    6438 Concordia, NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87111
    By way of interest, your dues goes for things like name tags, cost over runs at social events (for those who said they would but didn't show up), flowers or donations for recently deceased members, assisting the Blue and Gold Officers' Midshipman/Cadet social gathering during the Christmas break, door prizes and other minor funding requirements.  Oh yes, none of the above listed people get one red cent out of the whole process.  For more details on the current budget status, call up our Web Site at  The 2008 budget details will be listed in the next several weeks.
    Although the above may sound like Greek to a number of you, there is an on-going effort to establish a Chapter President organization to help in directing the Alumni Organization in Annapolis in some of their decision processes.  We are joined in an area that includes California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.  The largest Chapter, which currently is the San Diego Chapter, will be afforded the opportunity to have their member acting as president, represent the area.  Bottom line, the process is continuing and we are staying abreast of the situation.  As for other things that are transpiring in regards to the Board of Trustees, we are following the action.
    As I said in the beginning, this Newsletter has been a little bit long, but I would like to let all of you know what is going on in your Alumni Chapter.  If you have concerns or suggestions in making our Chapter a better organization, please let me know.  One thing we all agreed to during the Board meeting; we want to get more of the younger graduates from the Naval Academy involved.  So if we are missing the boat somewhere, please let us know. 
    Each and everyone of us at the meeting is looking forward to a great 2008.
All my best,
Hank Schwartz
Hank Schwartz


Changes to Words of

"Navy Blue and Gold"


In recognition that women have attended and graduated from the Naval Academy for over twenty years, Vice Admiral Rodney Rempt, the Superintendent, has directed that changes be made to the lyrics of the first verse of "Navy Blue and Gold".  The first line, "Now college men from sea to sea may sing of colors true," will be modified to read, "Now colleges from sea to sea...", and the third line, "For sailor men in battle fair, since fighting days of old," will read, "For sailors brave in battle fair,...".  Admiral Rempt emphasized that these changes are not being made because of any pressure to be politically correct, but rather to be inclusive of the women who attend the Naval Academy and serve in our Navy.  George Watt, the President and CEO of the Naval Academy Alumni Association encourages all alumni to support the Superintendent in these changes to "Navy Blue and Gold".

GO NAVY!!!!! 

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