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Army-Navy Game for 2020:   Report from Annapolis
Annapolis, Maryland
9 December 2020
Dear Classmates, Family and Friends of the Class of 1963,

     It is overcast, clear and cold here in Annapolis. The weather report calls for a trace of snow. Winter has arrived. We are close to the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year.

      It is Army-Navy game time. This year the game is being played in Miche Stadium at the U.S.Military Academy at West Point. This is the first time the game has been played at West Point since 1943. The City of Philadelphia declined to host the game due to COVID 19 virus restrictions. West Point, this year's host, agreed to have the game there. There will be no open admission to the game. Only the Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipmen, along with support personnel and select officers, will be in the stands. Attendees will be seated four feet apart. West Point will provide meals for all. The Brigade of Midshipmen will begin boarding 170 busses at 0400 for the four and a half hour trip to West Point. The first contingent will arrive about 0830. The busses will have a police escort all the way to West Point and for the return trip immediately after the game. The "march on" is scheduled for 1200 or so.

     Game time is three PM (1500} EST. The game will be televised on CBS. ESPN will air a pregame program from 0900-1200. CBS will pick up at noon. This could vary in some areas.

     There will be only 25 midshipmen per bus to allow social spacing. The cost of busing the Brigade to West Point and back is estimated at $600,000. As sponsor for the game, USAA has generously volunteered to pay the expense of moving the Brigade to West Point and back.

     This is exam week at the Naval Academy. The last exam will be administered on Friday afternoon. After returning from West Point, the Brigade will get a good night's rest and depart on five weeks of leave on Sunday afternoon, returning on 5 January.

     The COVID Bubble The Naval Academy has done a fantastic job of creating a virus deterring bubble in the Yard. Based on an Air Force Academy operations research model, 15% of the Brigade, faculty and staff are tested every week. That accounts for 60% of the whole each month, which allows for the identification of "hot spots" and appropriate isolation procedures to be effected. It is working well. Varsity athletes are tested three times a week. There have been no positive tests on the Navy or Army football teams recently.

    There has been no liberty granted in the last five weeks. The Academy is closed to all but faculty, staff and midshipmen. The result has been an Academy positive testing rate of 0.5 percent as compared to what is now almost 8.0 percent in the Annapolis area. On returning from leave in groups, all midshipmen will be tested, enter a quarantine period, and be tested again. Classes begin on the 19th of January and will be virtual initially, shifting to personal classes or a hybrid as conditions permit.

     There will be no midshipmen quartered at St John's in the Spring semester. St. John's hopes to be bringing its own students back next semester. Since the first wing will still be required as a COVID isolation area, three hundred midshipmen comprising all classes will reside with family and sponsors in the local area and commute from there for classes and activities.    

     The Superintendent is planning for a normal graduation week, circumstances permitting. The Naval Academy is high on the priority list for COVID vacine distribution. The Brigade is expected to receive the vacine in February and March so they can join the fleet at the end of the semester for much needed training that had to be cancelled last summer. At least one cruise aboard ship is now required for graduation.

     The Game   Chet Gladcchuck said today that this year's game will be decided on toughness. Navy enters with a 3-6 season and army with a 17-1 season. The Army record has been against relatively weak teams---but that's the "fearless Army way". There is really no favored team going into the game on Saturday. We can expect anything to happen as is usual in an Army-Navy game. The Navy team is said to be ready, even though exam week this week and a game last Saturday has left little traditional practice time to focus solely on Army. I know we will all be cheering for a great Navy victory on Saturday. This team can do it. Expect to win!!! The President is announced as attending the game. He will sit on one side and shift sides at halftime .

     Tecumseh.  A major differance this year is that Tecumseh will not be wearing his traditional war paint. On suggestions from members of the Brigade, faculty, and staff, Tecumseh is no longer painted for major events. The two cannon pedestals to either side of the entrance to Tecumseh Court are approporiately painted instead. Tecumseh is still, however, receiving left handed salutes and pennies (or larger coins depending on going in GPAs) from mishipmen enroute exams. I was a silver dollar man for some courses.

     The Midshipman Action Group Last year about this time the Midshipmen Action Group collected 60,000 pounds (30 tons) of foodstuffs for local food banks. This year, with the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 virus, they had to rely primarily on internet on-line appeals. The result is that they have gathered 70,000 pounds (35 tons ) of food to meet expanding needs. With a spirit and accomplishments like that, how could we lose to anyone?

     That's all the news from Crabtown. Stay warm and stay safe.

           Quality 63
           Spencer Johnson '63
Fred Corbalis - USNA Basketball
Congratulations to Navy Men's Basketball in their historic defeat of Georgetown University (yes, that Georgetown) 78-71 on Tuesday evening, 1 Dec 2020, McDonough Field House.  Historic? First  time over Georgetown since winning, 56-55, on Jan. 12, 1977, in Washington, D.C..  Our own alum George Corbalis (shown above in short pants) was impressed also:

That is a really big win! Georgetown is always strong.  The only time we played them while I was playing plebe B-ball, lost in a tough one by a few points.  But I’m my varsity time we beat Florida and Georgia Tech for the 1961 Gator Bowl Holiday Classic championship.  Played guard, scored 6 pts (I think) in the championship game.  We were rewarded by then traveling to Miami (stayed at the Fontenbleau👍) to witness Joe Bellino score 3 TDs in a losing effort to Missouri in the Orange Bowl.  My roommate, Dick Tash, played wide receiver in that game.  So much for my ancient history.



Happy 100th Birthday Maury!  
CAPT Maury Hartle, USNA '44    Maury Hartle - Lucky Bag Class of 1944
Maury Hartle PortraitIt's not often that a Chapter gets to celebrate the 100th Birthday of an Alumnus. Like, maybe, never! 
The Academy's recent 175th Birthday (10 Oct 1845) led the way to Maury Hartle's 100th (20 Nov 1920).  Maury Hartle Class of 1944, and USNA founded 1845 - Two fine honorable institutions that have stood the test of time!
Because of that crazy Covid-19 thing, Maury and Family will be celebrating on his 101st birthday in 2021, and you are all invited!
The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office conducted a special siren parade and honorary presentation for Maury on his birthday, 20 Nov 2020. The video is on YouTube.

[at left] This portrait of Maury was done as a tribute by a friend and presented to Maury in recogition of his 100th birthday.  
[above] CAPT Maury Hartle, USN, and Mid'n Maury Hartle, USNA.  Maury hasn't changed that much since his Lucky Bag photo, 1944 - the smart money says he could still row crew or get back on the gridiron.


Sports Note:  Air Force's football game at Army, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 7, at 11:30 a.m. ET was postponed due to upward trends of COVID-19 cases at the Air Force Academy, the football program and in the surrounding community. The schools will work to reschedule if possible.
News from the Yard
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23 April 2020
Spring Dinner Event - Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at the Canyon Club at Four Hills in Albuquerque on Thursday 23 April 2020.  The program featuring Special Guest Speaker: Col Richard "Mike" Mullane, USMA '67, former Astronaut will speak on "An Evening In Space"  will hopefully be re-scheduled at some later date.
14 May 2020
Board Briefing Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at the Canyon Club at Four Hills in Albuquerque on Thursday 14 May 2020.  The planned program featuring Special Guest:  Steve Hall '75, our Western Region Trustee of the US Naval Academy will hopefully be re-scheduled some other year.

7 June 2020
Kiwanis Reservation AreaChapter Picnic Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at Elena Gallegos Recreation Area, Kiwanis Shelter (about 1 mile North of Montgomery on Tramway).  
29 Aug
Navy-Notre Dame Game (from Dublin, Ireland)Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown .  
 Our own. Coach Niumatalolo has three wins over Notre Dame:  2009, 2010, and 2016.  We made e'm so mad in 2016 they fired their Defensive Coordinator.  4th Victory in 52 years!    
Why does Notre Dame play Navy every year?  Out of gratitude!   Here is the story.
3 Oct 2020
7-40 Loss
Navy-Air Force Game (at Colorado Springs)Disappointing result in Colorado, always a tough venue for Coach Ken.  Now we should all cheer for Army in the Air Force-Army game at Michie Stadium on Saturday, Nov 7th, 2020 at 11:30 am ET.   Navy has won the trophy 9 times in the past 12 years, and Air Force took it all in 2016.  
12 Dec 2020
1 pm MST

Army-Navy Game (will be played in Michie Field, West Point, first time since 1942 - see Report From Annapolis at top of this webpage.)The Chapter will opt out of any partying this year.  Most of us are still trying to “socially distance” ourselves. At least we’ve won a few games; amidst all the hubbub….

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The former Prez suggests:  "Take a look at all four websites, especially after something hits the press.  Sailor Bob is particularily insightful and usually someone within two degrees of separation from the incident can shed some light.  I haven't found a good aviation blog since Neptunus Lex's passing.  You can try   
The Duffel Blog, is a satirical news website that has been catching the eyes of Pentagon leaders lately."

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Board of NM Chapter, USNA AA
Your Chapter Board:  At the Picnic in Albuquerque (Elena Gallegos Picnic Grounds) on Sunday, 4 June  2017, L-R:   New Mexico Chapter Board members Hank Schwartz '62,  Mike Blackledge '63, Scott Kraus '73 (President), Ken Fladager '78 (Treasurer), Christine Hoaglund '97 (Past President), Joe McGuire '68 (Secretary), and Herb Richter '59.  Not pictured:  Keith 'Casey' Jones '60.

Updated 9 December 2020
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