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    From our Chapter President (Cinco de Mayo 2020):  

Dear shipmates,


As you all are surely aware, we continue to see the effects  of the Covid-19 virus here in New Mexico.

Gatherings of more than 5 people remain proscribed.

Everyone is wearing masks.

There is not a lot of expectation for this to improve before our June get together at Elena Gallegos.


Accordingly, it behooves us to cancel our picnic of 7 June.



I attended a virtual meeting of Chapter presidents last Friday.  There were a few interesting notes:


  1. Graduation ceremonies will be staggered; no public events.  USNA is following the MD governor’s guidelines.  Further guidance will be provided regarding bringing back the Brigade.  Same for I-Day.
  2. There’s a new Alumni center being built.  It’s across the street from the Terwilliger baseball stadium.  It will take the place of the old Ogle Hall.  Estimated completion July 2022.
  3. The Chapel, as many of you know, is getting a new dome.  Heirlooms made from the copper of the salvaged dome are available at  Cuff links, pictures, necklaces, etc.  Very nice stuff.  It was put out for bid; Herff Jones was the lowest bidder.  Proceeds go directly back to USNA.  

Stay safe,

Scott Kraus, ‘73


Naval Academy Graduation:  [emailed 19 May 2020 from Spencer Johnson, '63]

New item It is still chilly here in a Annapolis, even though it is graduation week. Here is what I know.

      Graduation:  Four groups of approximately 210 midhipmen each have returned to the Naval Academy for a two day period of administrative processing before commissioning on Friday, to clear their gear from Bancroft Hall, and to perform a taped "private"commissioning ceremony in Techumsah Court with chairs spaced at six foot intervals to maintain social distancing  The fifth and last group is in process now and will perform their "private" commissioning ceremony on Thursday. No parents or other well wishers have been allowed to attend any of these "private"ceremonies.  At the first  commissioning ceremony Midn1/c David Forney, a first team football player who was found unresponsive at his desk and later pronounced dead, was remembered by his football helmet from the 2019 Army game placed on a chair in the front row. All new ensigns and second lieutenants will have the same date of rank, 22 May 2020.      

[Update:  the Tecumseh Court 2020 graduation/hat tossing in sync with the flyover by the Blue Angels, as shown at the close of Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News, 20 May 2020]         

       On Friday, 22 May, the planned graduation day, a pre-recorded virtual graduation ceremony will be live streamed. The keynote address will be given by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper,  a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy. Other speakers include: Acting Secretary of the Navy James E McPherson; the Chief of Naval Operations., ADM Mike M. Gilday;the Commandant of the Marine Corps ,Gen David H. Berger; the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, ADM Robert P. Burke; the Superintendent of the Naval Academy, VADM Sean Buck; and the President of the Class of 2020, Midn1/c Mike Smith. The virtual cermonies begin at 1430 EST with a half hour tribute to the class of 2020. At 1500 EST the traditional graduation ceremonies will be streamed. Included will be videos of the five "private" group commissioning ceremonies performed earlier. You can view the graduation ceremonies at:

       Plebe Summer.  The Class of 2024 will be inducted over a five day period from 29 June to 2 July, a week later than originally planned. All candidates are to conduct a 14 day period of isolation prior to reporting and will undergo a shorter period of isolation on reporting to ensure freedom from the COVID19 virus. There will be no I-Day as we know it. Parents and other well wishers will not be allowed to attend any induction ceremonies. Social distancing will be in force for the Plebes as well as the Plebe detail. Lectures will be delivered virtualy in their rooms. The Blue Jacket's Manual and the USNA REG Book will be primary sources of instruction along with Reef Points. Whether or not there will be a Parent's Weekend as planned 7-9 August is still undecided. The question of which class had the last "real" Plebe year may soon be decided.


West Point. The plan for the Military Academy's graduation, as published, includes bringing the Class of 2020 back to West Point two to three weeks before a mid-June graduation ceremony. On arrival they will go into a 14 day isolation period at one of the camps on the reservation and be tested for the COVID19  
virus. Once tested negative, they will be allowed to return to their barracks to pack out and get ready for graduation. The President will be their speaker.

Coast Guard  The Coast Guard Academy will graduate the 285 cadets of the Class of 2020 by virtual means.

Chapel Dome Copper Memorabilia. I spoke yesterday with a representative of Herff-Jones, the company that is making the memorabilia from the salvaged copper of the chapel dome. He said that in mid-September they will add earrings to their current offerings and perhaps a cross  pendant or charm as well. I will let you know when I hear more. The link is:

        Today in Annapolis is a wear raingear day. I still have mine and can fit into it.

         Be well and stay safe.

          Quality '63

               Spencer Johnson '63

     Update from Annapolis:  11 Apr 2020 from President USNA Class of 1963:

Annapolis, Maryland

11 April 2020 

Dear Classmates, Family and Friends of the Class of 1963,

         The Superintendent of the US Naval Academy, VADM Sean Buck, yesterday announced that all Commissioning Week (15-21 May) events have been cancelled due to the Covid19 virus. The academic term which midshipmen are completing on-line from their remote locations, ends 28 April. Exams follow. The goal is still to graduate and commission the class of 2020 in some form, perhaps virtual fashion. Details are to follow. Commissioning Week events such as the Herndon climb for the class of 2023 and the Ring Dance for the class of 2021 are postponed to a yet to be determined date. Parents and friends will not be coming to Annapolis for graduation ceremonies next month. Restaurants are closed and two hotels have closed their doors until the pandemic once again allows movement and public gatherings. Except for a handful of midshipmen still in the yard , the Brigade remains dispersed, but in a duty status, reporting in daily. Two midshipmen and one civilian employee have tested positive for the virus to date.

        By contrast, the Air Force Academy brought the class of 2020 back from Spring leave to complete their last term at the Academy in Colorado Springs. The cadets were dispersed one to a room and took their meals while maintaining required separation distances. The personal separation requirements were strictly enforced. There have been two suicides in the Air Force class of 2020 which are still under investigation. As a consequence, the Air Force has decided to graduate the class of 2020 early in an appropriate ceremony on 18 April. Parents and friends reportedly will not be in attendance due to coronavirus restrictions.

       It is still hoped that the opening game of the 2020 football season will take place on 29 August against Notre Dame in Dublin. The 51,000 seat stadium is sold out. When 6,000 tickets were recently released to the public in Dublin, they sold out in one hour. Navy and Notre Dame have sold 35,000 tourist packages which include attendance at the game. Navy Athletic Director Chuck Gladchuck believes it is foolish to even attempt to predict the future. He is taking it "one day at a time".

         The weather here in Annapolis is cold but bright today. The trees have bloomed and are in new leaf. Spring and its flowers have arrived. Hope is in the air.

        From our house to yours, every wish for a happy Passover and Easter season. Stay safe. This too shall pass.

        Quality '63

        Spencer Johnson

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  • For Graduation and Commissioning of the Class of 2020, see the information posted above
  • For Navy Spirit video, "Naptown Funk," view here.  [An all-mid take-off on the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars video "Uptown Funk" which can be seen here.] 
  • For briefing (PowerPoint as PDF) on USNA Cyber Warfare program (and new building), view here.
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23 April 2020
Spring Dinner Event - Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at the Canyon Club at Four Hills in Albuquerque on Thursday 23 April 2020.  The program featuring Special Guest Speaker: Col Richard "Mike" Mullane, USMA '67, former Astronaut will speak on "An Evening In Space"  will hopefully be re-scheduled at some later date.
14 May 2020
Board Briefing Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at the Canyon Club at Four Hills in Albuquerque on Thursday 14 May 2020.  Cocktails at 1800 hrs, dinner at 1845; presentation at 1945.  Special Guest:  Steve Hall '75, our Western Region Trustee of the US Naval Academy will provide an update on what is happening at the Academy.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

7 June 2020
Kiwanis Reservation AreaChapter Picnic Event has been CANCELLED due to virus shutdown and will NOT be held at Elena Gallegos Recreation Area, Kiwanis Shelter (take Simms Road to east, about 1 mile North of Montgomery on Tramway).  Potluck and Cater.  Chapter will provide fried and barbeque chicken and soft drinks. at a nominal price per couple.  Wine will be available on a 'self-serve, self-pay' basis.  Attendees are asked to bring a sidedish or a dessert.  Our 11th annual Chapter Picnic at this site!
29 Aug
12:00 pm
Navy-Notre Dame Game (from Dublin, Ireland). Our own. Coach Niumatalolo has three wins over Notre Dame:  2009, 2010, and 2016.  We made e'm so mad in 2016 they fired their Defensive Coordinator.  4th Victory in 52 years!    Lunch at The Craft Republic.
Why does Notre Dame play Navy every year?  Out of gratitude!   Here is the story.
3 Oct 2020
time tbd
Navy-Air Force Game (at Colorado Springs)Kick-off the run for the CINC Trophy!    Navy has won the trophy 9 times in the past 12 years, and Air Force took it all in 2016.  But this time we played them in the land of the crabs!  Huge game! And we won!  Come on over to the Craft Republic off the Jefferson Exit, I-25 in Albuquerque.
12 Dec 2020
time tbd

Army-Navy Game (from The Linc in Philly).  For the Big Game we reserved the Big Room at Craft Republic (formerly the Fox & Hound) off the Jefferson exit on I-25 [4301 The Lane at 25 NE, Albuquerque]. RSVP to Scotty, then show up in Blue and Gold!   And yes, the bonus is our short business meeting at halftime.
Kickoff is expected to be at 1300 hrs,with the televised game festivities starting at 12:30.  We'll post when known.

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The former Prez suggests:  "Take a look at all four websites, especially after something hits the press.  Sailor Bob is particularily insightful and usually someone within two degrees of separation from the incident can shed some light.  I haven't found a good aviation blog since Neptunus Lex's passing.  You can try   
The Duffel Blog, is a satirical news website that has been catching the eyes of Pentagon leaders lately."

Wounded Warriors Project:  A legal scam.  See story here.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation:  Getting the $$$ directly to projects for the wounded.  
See story here.
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Your Chapter Board:  At the Picnic in Albuquerque (Elena Gallegos Picnic Grounds) on Sunday, 4 June  2017, L-R:   New Mexico Chapter Board members Hank Schwartz '62,  Mike Blackledge '63, Scott Kraus '73 (President), Ken Fladager '78 (Treasurer), Christine Hoaglund '97 (Past President), Joe McGuire '68 (Secretary), and Herb Richter '59.  Not pictured:  Keith 'Casey' Jones '60.

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