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Executive Committee Plans 2018 Activities
2018 Jan Board

left to right:  Mike "Blackie" Blackledge, '63 [webmaster]; Henry "Hank" Schwartz, '62 [Director]; Scott "Scotty" Kraus, '73 [President]; Doug Meints, '77 [Vice-President]; Ken Fladager, '78 [Treasurer]; Joe McGuire, '68 [Secretary]; Keith "Casey" Jones, '60 [Director]

Your Chapter's Executive Committee met at The Canyon Club, Albuquerque, Sunday, 28 January 2018, to discuss the Chapter program for the upcoming year.  Not present: Christine Hoaglund, '97 [Past President] and Herb Richter, '59 [Director].
Alumni at Picnic
New Mexico USNA Alums at Picnic last year:  4 June 2017, a gathering of the clan at Elena Gallegos picnic grounds.  35 attendees included these 12 alums, representing from the Class of 1944 (Bill Horton and Maury Hartle) up to Class of 1997 (Chap. Pres Christine Hoaglund).  

News from the Yard
  • Controversy:  Fifth-year seniors at service academies.  Feinstein's article [plus reader comments] here.  
  • For Navy Spirit video, "Naptown Funk," view here.  [An all-mid take-off on the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars video "Uptown Funk" which can be seen here.] 
  • For briefing (PowerPoint as PDF) on USNA Cyber Warfare program (and new building), view here.
  • For International Chapter Officers Forum (see right hand side for assorted briefings) at USNA, view here. .
  • For the statistics on the Class of 2018, view here.  
  • Here is the latest USNA Newsletter and Parent Event Calendar  (for Chapters, Parents Clubs, Blue & Gold Officers)
News from the Parents Club

Dark Ages Care Packages:  (from Jeanette Harris)  Last year we packed 35 Dark Ages Packages [29 Jan 2017] to send to our New Mexico mids as well as electing new leadership and voting on By-LawsJan 2017 - NM Parents pack for Dark Ages for our Chapter.  Our new leadership:  Our new President is Betsy Guertersloh, Vice-President is Vicki K. Young McGavran, Secretary is Matt and Gayle Torres and Treasurer is Brian McQuiston. Thanks everyone for taking on these leadership positions!

Every year in January we send out care packages to our mids for the Dark Ages. For those of you who do not know, the "Dark Ages" is the time between Reform in January and Spring Break. We call that the Dark Ages because the weather is cold and dreary, there is not a lot of sports to go watch, it gets dark early and it is just not a happy time. There are probably other reasons that I am not aware of.  We are mailing thirty packages to our mids, five more to the USNA chaplains to distribute as they see fit.


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  Profiles of Chapter Officers are linked at right:  
Scott Kraus '73
Vice-PresidentDoug  Meints '77505-620-1750bio
Joe McGuire '68 505-857-9679
Ken Fladager  '78 505-506-9284 bio
Hank Schwartz '62 505-286-8934bio
Casey Jones '60
Mike Blackledge '63 505-294-6030bio
DirectorHerb Richter, '59505-298-9735bio
Christine Hoaglund '97505-771-8977 bio
Blue & Gold OfficerDave Swingle '

Parents Club PresidentJeanette Harris

Our fiscal year is 1 Oct through 30 Sept. Chapter Treasurer's Report
Latest Annual Report:here,  [compare with 2012 here]

Approved (2006) By-Laws:
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Chapter By-Laws  2006
  Contact Officers with your suggestions for Chapter activities or event locations.
2018 Chapter Events 
19 April 2018
6 pm
Spring Dinner to be held at the Canyon Club at Four Hills (911 Four Hills Road SE).  Cocktails at 1800 hrs, dinner at 1845; presentation at 1945.  Being planned:  "An Evening With Joseph Badal" - details still being worked by the Board - watch this space!  

10 June 2018
1 pm
Kiwanis Reservation AreaChapter Picnic at Elena Gallegos Recreation Area, Kiwanis Shelter (take Simms Road to east, about 1 mile North of Montgomery on Tramway).  Potluck and Cater.  Chapter will provide fried and barbeque chicken and soft drinks. $10/couple.  Wine will be available on a 'self-serve, self-pay' basis.  Attendees are asked to bring a sidedish or a dessert.  Our ninth annual Chapter Picnic at this site!
6 Oct 2018
Navy-Air Force Game (from Annapolis)Kick-off the run for the CINC Trophy!    Navy has won the trophy 9 times in the past 11 years, but Air Force took it all in 2016.  But this time we play them in the land of the crabs!  Revenge game! 
27 Oct
Navy-Notre Dame Game (from Notre Dame Stadium, IN). Oh, my.  We made e'm mad last year and they fired their Coach.  4th Victory in 52 years!    Coach Niumatalolo now has three wins over Notre Dame:  2009, 2010, and 2016.   How is this possible?  Because he goes for the WIN!  On 4th downs!   See highlights here.  
8 Dec 2018
1 pm

Army-Navy Game (from The Linc in Philly).  For the Big Game we will reserve the Big Room at Craft Republic (formerly the Fox & Hound) off the Jefferson exit on I-25 [4301 The Lane at 25 NE, Albuquerque]. No reservations needed, just show up in Blue and Gold!
... and always a possibility:  a Bowl Game gathering ...
Dec 2018
Last year, Navy defeated Virginia in Military Bowl (Annapolis)
Military Bowl Game (from Navy-Marine Corps Stadium).  We reserved tables at Craft Republic (formerly the Fox & Hound) off the Jefferson exit of I-25 for Alumni and Parents to gather for the Bowl Game.  Big win for Navy [49-7] to close out the 2017 season!

Contact Webmaster with any questions re the web site.

Chapter Corporation Report with Secretary of State, New Mexico [May 2014]

Beat Army        The American Athletic Conference

Navy's 2018 football schedule

Click on the links (below) to find the real Navy gouge    (suggested by Former Chapter President John Kennard): - USNI sponsored SWO-centric blog - Otherwise known as "The stupid shall be punished".  This blog is for submariners. It has been retired, but still contains good gouge. - Commentary on current Navy topics. - Otherwise known as "I like the cut of his jib." Musings, leadership tidbits and quotes posted by a retired Navy Captain (really just a high performing 2nd Class Petty Officer) who hung up his uniform a bit too early (even at 30 years) 

The former Prez suggests:  "Take a look at all four websites, especially after something hits the press.  Sailor Bob is particularily insightful and usually someone within two degrees of separation from the incident can shed some light.  I haven't found a good aviation blog since Neptunus Lex's passing.  You can try   
The Duffel Blog, is a satirical news website that has been catching the eyes of Pentagon leaders lately."

Wounded Warriors Project:  A legal scam.  See story here.

Air Warrior Courage Foundation:  Getting the $$$ directly to projects for the wounded.  
See story here.
USS Bataan - 1    real Bataan
Board of NM Chapter, USNA AA
Your Chapter Board:  At the Picnic in Albuquerque (Elena Gallegos Picnic Grounds) on Sunday, 4 June  2017, L-R:   New Mexico Chapter Board members Hank Schwartz '62,  Mike Blackledge '63, Scott Kraus '73 (2018  President), Ken Fladager '78 (Treasurer), Christine Hoaglund '97 (2016-2017 President), Joe McGuire '68 (Secretary), and Herb Richter '59.  Not pictured:  Keith 'Casey' Jones '60.

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