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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 22:07:34wreaths across america
Subject: USNA Cemetery and Wreaths Across America

Dear USNA Alumni
     As the coordinator of Wreaths Across America (WAA) for the USNA cemetery I'm asking for your help in getting the word out. Would you please consider forwarding this email to your Class or Chapter members.  Please help us to fill the cemetery at USNA with wreaths during the 2014 Holiday time.  Your help will enable us to place a wreath at each  of the 2000 graves in the historic Naval Academy cemetery. I am honored to have played a small part in this event in the past three years as we have increased the amount placed each year. My hope is not to have to pick who may get a wreath or who will not. Two years ago we received enough donations for 1,100 wreaths.  Last year we were able to place 1,500 wreaths.  This year we hope to place a wreath on all 2,000 graves.

     Once again the Class of 1981 is honored to lead the way in sponsoring WAA at the Naval Academy Cemetery and has contributed 150 wreaths.  If you would like to check on the legitimacy of this event please contact the Class of '81 President, Otto Stutz at   Additionally, you can contact Craig Washington at the Alumni Association.  Craig is a great supporter of this cause.
    I would like to personally invite those in the  Annapolis area on the 12th of December to please stop by and see or even help us place those wreaths. This ceremony and wreath laying brings great emotion and is one you won't soon forget. I've provided the link and some instructions on how to purchase a wreath or two online. Again this year if you buy 2 we will get the third for free. For those uncomfortable with donating on-line you can either send me the check ( made out to Wreaths Across America TM) at my address below or send directly to (Wreaths Across America TM, PO Box 249, Columbia Falls, ME  04623).  

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!  on the "For line" of your check put "MD 0011/MDUSNA" in order to donate the wreaths to the Naval Academy Cemetery and to get the buy two get one free option.  
Thank you again for helping us honor those that have gone before.

To donate online go to:   Click on the "Sponsor Locally" box.  Select Maryland.  Click on MDUSNA at the very bottom of the list and then click on the magnifying glass under "Find a Fundraising Group",  go to MD0011- United States Naval Academy Cemetery and click on "Donate Now."  

If you have any issues with these instructions please feel free to call me.

Thank you for considering this wonderful cause and in closing please remember; "Don't say I should have, say I did".
Carol Turman
2430 Kemper Rd
Crofton, MD  21114
H: 410-451-4490
C: 443-336-6541

Naval Academy Class of 2018           Stats

POSTED ON: JULY 01, 2014 08:00 EDT

Press Release #: 064-14

NOTE TO EDITORS AND REPORTERS: For more information about Induction Day and Plebe Summer, please visit our electronic press kit at


CLASS OF 2018 (as of June 30, 2014):


Men.................. 889                            

Women............. 303

    Total.............. 1,192 (Includes 13 international students from 12 different countries)        



   Men…………13,687             Majority…..11,660

   Women……..  3,931              Minority…...5,958

   Total. . . . . . .  17,618   

 (The Class of 2017 inducted 1,206 midshipmen and received 17,654 applications.)


The Class of 2018 includes 303 women (25%, the largest number ever) and a total of 402 minority midshipmen (34%)

(The Class of 2017 was comprised of 23% women and 33% minority midshipmen.)


The Class of 2018 will include candidates who have accepted appointments from all 50 states, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and 13 international students from: Cambodia (1), Cameroon (2), Federated States of Micronesia (1), Georgia (1), Kazakhstan (1), Mexico (1), Montenegro (1), Nigeria (1), Republic of Korea (1), Senegal (1), Taiwan (1), and United Arab Emirates (1).


Twenty-six percent (354) of the Class of 2018 are from college and post‑high school preparatory programs, which include:

 225 from Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, R.I.

 41 from the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation Program (30 from preparatory schools and 17 from other colleges under foundation sponsorship).

 88 additional students have completed at least six months of study at a college or university.



Navy..................    57

Marine Corps....... 10

            Total...................... 67

For more information about the Naval Academy please visit, ourFacebook page and our flickr page.
On 1 November 2005, during a special Homecoming broadcast, George Watt, president and CEO of the Alumni Association and Foundation, welcomed Captain Jeff “Murph” McCarthy ’00 and Roger Staubach ’65 to, a monthly radio show brought to friends of the Association and Foundation, live from historic Ogle Hall in Annapolis.


McCarthy, who just returned from deployment to Iraq, discussed what life has been like for him since graduating five years ago, and also about how his class is looking forward to its five-year reunion this weekend at Homecoming.  Watt was then joined by Staubach, a Naval Academy Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate who is known for winning the Heisman Trophy and as a leader in the National Football League.  Staubach’s class is returning for its 40th reunion this weekend.  He spoke about looking forward to Homecoming and about today’s Brigade of Midshipmen, as well as the impact of private support.      


We encourage you to tune in and listen to the archive of this month’s show at to learn more about homecoming festivities and the lives of two very interesting and intriguing graduates.  Please visit for more information on upcoming shows on!

The Capital, Annapolis, Md. 110105 (C11-1)
Football: Navy picks up travel costs for Tulane
By BILL WAGNER, Staff Writer

Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson hasn't held a staff meeting in months.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, it essentially shut down the university that has been based there since 1834. With its facilities destroyed or damaged, Tulane's entire athletic department has been forced to pick up and move. Dickson is based in Dallas while his basketball team is across the state in College Station. Meanwhile, Tulane's football team is operating out of Ruston, La.

Dickson was personally affected by the hurricane, losing his home in New Orleans along with most of his personal belongings. "Rick asked if he could come casual to dinner on Friday night because he currently doesn't own a necktie," Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk said.

Gladchuk has an emotional attachment to New Orleans and especially Tulane University since he served as the school's athletic director from 1987-90. Hearing that such a great institution is in danger of financial collapse sends shivers down his spine. Tulane is coming to Annapolis this weekend to play Navy in football, and Gladchuk is making certain the trip doesn't cost the visitors a dime. With the support of Adm. Rodney Rempt, the Naval Academy Superintendent, Gladchuk has wiped out all the travel costs normally associated with a football road trip. "We've tried to come up with a way to make this trip on Navy," Gladchuk said. "We're just doing everything we can to help them, to support them." Visiting teams are normally guaranteed an average of $120,000 from the host school. Gladchuk upped that amount by $50,000 and sent the check to Dickson in advance. Tulane is using the additional money to cover air fare for the entire football traveling party.

"Everything involving Tulane athletics is so disjointed right now. There's no cash flow and the school president has basically told Rick Dickson to figure it out," Gladchuk said. "They're really worried about losing everything. We feel compelled to do what we can to help ease the burden."

Navy has come up with ways to save Tulane approximately $50,000 more in expenses for this trip. At the academy's urging, the Wyndham Hotel in Baltimore is providing complimentary rooms for the entire traveling party. When players, coaches and support staff arrive at their hotel rooms, they will find gifts bags filled with all sorts of goodies as a welcome offering from the Naval Academy. Navy has also arranged for free bus transportation for the team throughout its stay in the area. The entire Tulane traveling party has been invited to a dinner at the academy on Friday night. Finally, all Tulane students that wish to attend the game will receive a free ticket by simply presenting a valid student identification card.

Gladchuk estimates the total relief Navy is offering the Tulane athletic department to reach roughly $200,000. "We just want this entire trip, except for the 60 minutes on Saturday, to be very enjoyable for the Tulane folks," Gladchuk said.
Prayers to Continue at Naval Academy
"The Naval Academy will continue its mandatory lunchtime prayer service despite a new policy issued last month by the Air Force to discourage most public prayer among its ranks.  The Naval Academy is the only military institution to conduct a formal prayer service at lunch for its roughly 4,100 Midshipmen.
    However the American Civil Liberties Union and the Anti-Defamation League have asked the Navy to stop the academy's lunch prayer. Their arguments are based on a 2003 ruling by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which found that mealtime prayers at the Virginia Military Institute violated the First Amendment.
    The Air Force's new policy, which says prayers should not be allowed in staff or office meetings, classes or other officially sanctioned activities, could prompt the Pentagon to establish new rules governing religious sensitivity for all the military services."
 (article from Sea Power, 2005)

2005 Distinguished Graduate Award Announcement      [26 January 2005]

On behalf of 2005 Distinguished Graduate Award Committee Chairman Admiral Bob Natter '67 and our colleagues on the award selection committee, I am pleased to announce this year's recipients of the Alumni Association's Distinguished Graduate Award.

Captain Slade Cutter '35, USN (Ret.): Slade Cutter was an undefeated heavyweight intercollegiate boxing champion and All-American football place kicker and tackle at the Academy.  During WW II he commanded two submarines and was awarded four Navy Crosses, two Silver Stars and one Bronze Star.  He returned to the Naval Academy as athletic director and played a significant role in the construction of Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Rear Admiral Robert "Bob" Wertheim '46, USN (Ret.): Bob Wertheim has a reputation as one of the nation's most distinguished strategic weapons engineers and managers. He is best known for the central role he played in the conception, development, production and operational support of the submarine-launched fleet ballistic missile systems POLARIS, POSEIDON and TRIDENT, which were, and remain,  the nation's most secure and effective deterrents to nuclear war. RADM Wertheim is a charter member of the Robert Means Thompson Society.  He is also a life member of the President's Circle donor society and has been active in the program to build the Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel at the Naval Academy. 

Admiral Ronald J. Hays '50, USN (Ret.): Ron Hays was a combat aviator and Navy test pilot whose many awards include the Silver Star (three), Distinguished Flying Cross (seven), Bronze Star with combat "V" and Air Medal (18).  Admiral Hays' long and distinguished naval career culminated in command of all Pacific forces (CincPac).  In retirement, he was chairman of the USS MISSOURI Memorial Association and led a four- year effort to establish the USS MISSOURI near THE USS ARIZONA as a major Pearl Harbor Monument.  Additionally, he is chairman of the board of the Military Aviation Museum of the Pacific, an ongoing $50 million project destined for historic Ford Island.

Mr. H. Ross Perot  '53: Following his active duty service in the Navy, Ross Perot went on to become a nationally known and extremely successful captain of industry. Additionally, he has received national and international recognition as a philanthropist, humanitarian, national political figure and a continuing major contributor to the Naval Academy.  As a midshipman, Perot was president of the Class of 1953 and an active member of Midshipman Bill Lawrence's committee that developed the USNA Honor Concept.  Last year Mr. Perot received the Business Executives for National Security's (BENS) prestigious Eisenhower Award in recognition of the exceptional efforts he has made, often at the expense of his corporate and personal fortunes, to help people who could not get help by regular means.

Please join us as we congratulate these four outstanding Alumni. This year marks the seventh time a group of peers has met to discern those few of more than 50,000 living graduates to be honored by their alma mater. The task of the committee is not an easy one, as this year the members thoroughly reviewed nearly 30 nomination packages of highly qualified and truly distinguished Naval Academy graduates in their own right. This year's selectees will be formally recognized at a ceremony at the Naval Academy on 15 April 2005 that will also include the Brigade of Midshipmen.

Go Navy!

G. P. Watt, Jr.
George P. Watt, Jr., President and CEO
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation
410-263-4448 Ext. 102
247 King George Street
Annapolis, MD 21402
Visit us at

Wednesday's Parade

[Annapolis, MD, May 2005]
Today we were treated to the most entertaining parade I have seen at

the Naval Academy. Seated around me were alumni from the 50's and
70's, and they agree it will become legendary.

The setting was perfect: blue skies, a nice breeze, the cherry trees
around Hospital Point in full bloom, the sailboats with their blue and
gold spinnakers in the background. The Brigade began to march onto
Worden Field. All looked normal at first, but then we noticed one of
the Mids in the Second Regiment who runs ahead to guide the company to
its place was confused and moved here and there before finding the
spot. Soon the companies were coming into their slots on a slanted
path. It became apparent that there would not be room for them all on
the field. One company (14, I think) squeezed into a small spot that
was meant for the Color Guard. 30th Company arrived with no room left
on the end, so they continued on to a gap and came to rest between the
21st and 22nd Companies. The 15th Company, finding no room at all,
gave up and marched back to Bancroft Hall! The Color Guard, left with
no way through the brigade, squeezed through single file, then spread
out to present the Colors. After the National Anthem, they returned
smartly, furled the Colors, and squeezed back.

What happened? Since there are 22 days until Herndon, the 22nd Company
Plebes had moved/painted over the markers on the field indicating the
placement of the companies! The consensus in our viewing area was it
was the best show since the Class of '52 all left their shoes on the
field and marched off in their socks. Well done 22nd Company Class of

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